Three Unbeatable Ways to Accelerate Your Professional Development

If you are reading this article on the different ways to accelerate your professional development, it is safe to say that you are no longer a newbie in the corporate terrain. The chances are that you have been there for some time now and are reading this article so that you can figure out your next step.

In the corporate landscape, it is commonplace to see some executives decide to take the low road in their professional development. They engage in office politics; play the role of the loyal pet to their superiors; and do exactly what is required of them, and no more. These individuals believe that they are entitled to better opportunities simply because they have been “good boys.”

The truth, as you may imagine, is that these methods are grossly ineffective. You really cannot get too far if you do not become more intentional about your growth and begin working towards it. In this piece, we will give you different ways you can take your career through the roof.

1. Ask for more work

We get it. You already feel choked as it is. This is especially so with the pandemic and all the struggles that come with being a worker in these times. While some might think that sitting in front of your laptop all day might be a walk in the park, we know better, and we understand that working from home during this pandemic isn’t so easy. If you don’t believe us, consider this news piece based on research from Stanford University. It affirms the existence of “Zoom fatigue” and why we get it.

Now, while you might feel like you already have enough on your plate, the chances are that your superiors only consider it the normal amount of work. So, if you genuinely want to accelerate your professional development, it might be best for you to start asking for more work. Not just any work, though. You should ask for more challenging work.

If you are worried that your current tasks will affect your productivity and your ability to deliver, the solution is simple – ditch them! Speak to your superiors about the possibility of delegating your current tasks. Better yet, speak about having them hold off on other regular tasks to give you more challenging work.

Doing so will show that you are proactive and capable of handling more tasks when you do get a promotion or something of that sort.

2. Gun for more

Now and then, companies send out adverts for vacant job positions that need to be filled. Hundreds and thousands of people often apply for these positions, some with excellent resumes. As you well know, many of them get rejected. So, what separates those who make the cut and the people given the boot? It lies in one’s ability to convince the hiring manager that they can do what they claim. However, these companies simply don’t have enough ways to confirm that the new hires are truly capable of doing what they promise.

That’s where you come in. If you are taking our advice and will be asking for more work; your company will already have a solid idea of your capabilities. In addition to that, you would be in the perfect position to fill the vacancy because you understand the intricacies of the company and can function perfectly without supervision.

With all that being the case, an excellent way for you to accelerate your professional development is to shoot for more. Whenever you see a job listing from your company, do not shy away simply because they didn’t ask you personally to apply for the vacancy. If there is no rule prohibiting your application, go for it and make conscious efforts to prove your abilities to them.

3. Lend a hand more often

Believe it or not, your relationship with your colleagues plays a significant role in your career advancement goals. So, instead of keeping to yourself all the time, lend a hand to your colleagues when work is assigned.

It could be as simple as helping them collate data from surveys. It could also be as tedious as helping them conduct the surveys in the first place. In all honesty, the more complex tasks you can help with, the better.

The benefit of doing this is that it shows you to be a team player. This quality is something that many employers and bosses look for. If you show them without provocation by helping colleagues where necessary and important, you’ll be getting yourself prepared for bigger opportunities.

Besides that, lending a hand puts you in the good books of multiple people in your place of work. This means you will have people rooting for you behind closed doors when you are not there.

Finally, ask a mentor. This is our final piece of advice for you on how to accelerate your professional development. The best thing to do is to get valuable advice from someone who knows the ropes and can help you develop yourself so intensely that you become a gem in the corporate world.

If you do not have a mentor, it is perfectly understandable. A close alternative you can and should explore is training that will be as impactful as it is result-oriented. As soon as you can get your hands on this, you’ll be glad that you did.

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