Workplace Hack: How to Turn Employees into Proactive and High Performers

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you’re an employer, it is very crucial that you read the following letter without delay…

Especially since you’re interested in increasing employee engagement and having an intrapreneur workforce…

Workplace Hack: How to Turn Employees into Proactive and High Performers… Even If They appear to be Struggling Right Now.

If you are an employer, a Human Resource Manager, or run an organization, and are interested in equipping your employees for high performance, increasing employee engagement, thereby turning average employees into proactive and happy employees…

Maybe you’ve also tried all known strategies but nothing seems to be working,

Then, this message is for you.

I’ll explain one simple step which, if followed, will…

  • Turn your employees into an army of motivated workforce;
  • Turn your employees to a team of intrapreneurs who constantly churn out competitive advantages for the company and stay for the long haul.

This simple step will increase your company’s market awareness and ultimately revenue.

Before we go further, I must warn you.

You will only see the emergence of employees who will go beyond their job description to create production or product advantage for the enterprise in your company…if

You Are Genuinely Interested in Investing in Talent Development

This is the only prerequisite that will transform your company by 2X, 4X, 5X, and 10X.

You must show it by words and deeds that the development of your employees and the realization of their career growth is important to you.

Only then can you partake of the greatness that corporate entrepreneurship will bring to you and your company.

Benefits Your Organisation Will Derive from Enrolling Your Employees on This Training

  • Market Proactiveness

Your organization stops being reactionary; it is becomes uncomfortable with the status quo, and does not wait for the competition’s next move. Instead, employees will begin to act proactively in line with the organization’s business and innovation goals. They will work within an efficient system developed to study the market, anticipate trends and likely demand so that the company succeeds at innovating ahead of the competition.

  • Competitive Aggressiveness

As the intrapreneurial attitude speads across your organization, your organization will become more equipped to marshal adequate resources to respond strongly to challenges from the competition boldly without shrinking back. You will become positioned to respond to a copycat offering or innovation from a competitor.

  • Firm Risk-Taking

A business with a high entrepreneurship orientation readily ventures into new territory—products and markets offering high returns along with the probability of failure. Your employees will become equipped leaders who can assess the opportunity, mitigate attendant risks.

  • Increased Firm Innovativeness

Your employees will return from the course with a burning desire to seek innovation, explore opportunities to improve your business processes and/ product offerings. They will begin to proactively investigate how your business can deliver superior performance at lower cost and present their findings to management in form of actionable insights.

  • Shared Vision

Your employees will return from the course fully convinced that companies reward employees who are active contributors and collaborators to the vision, purpose and goals of the organization. Their primary focus will shift to how they can bring business benefits to your organization in order to court management recognition rather than playing the default office politics that has stagnated the growth of many organizations.

  • Open Mindedness

Finally, your trained staff will help you constructively challenge the status quo and question all assumptions. They will return open to new ideas and changes in both strategic and tactical plans if need be.

Before we go further, we should introduce our facilitators. Our speakers are thought leaders in business strategy, innovation and leadership.

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Adedayo Omotunde

Adedayo Omotunde, MBA, MSc

Career: Business Leader at Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company
(Author: The Intrapreneur)


  • Executive Education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Gold Mastery Certification In Strategic Management – University of San Diego
  • Masters of Applied Research – Swiss Business School
  • Masters of Business Administration – Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Telecoms Mini MBA – University of Derby/Informa
  • TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect – The Open Group
  • Six Sigma Certified Professional (Yellow Belt)
Yasaman Gorji
Yasaman Gorji

Yasaman Gorji, PhD, MBA

Career: Assistant Professor in Business Administration, John Molson School of Business, Montreal, Canada


  • Post Doctorate Degree in Entrepreneurship – McGill University
  • PhD in Business Administration – Family Business Strategies
  • MBA in Strategic Management
  • Vice President of Strategy Quebec’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • Holder of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society of top 5% of Business programs
  • 8+ years of consulting experience in a wide range of industries

Here’s What To Do Now

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Do you fancy raising an independent workforce that embrace innovation?

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