The Single, Most effective Tool For Young Professionals to Succeed

If you have less than six years of working experience, this message is important to your career growth. Read till the last sentence…

Hello reader,

I value your time, so I’ll keep this as short as I can.

Today, I’ll explain how you can escape the mistakes of young professionals in the workplace and succeed.

Before I go on, you must understand that I’m not asking you to;

  • Create an impression that you are super intelligent…
  • Speak high sounding words and fluff, or…
  • Cover up your insecurities.

None of these will aid you now or in the future.

But this singular tool will help you perform your job well, unearth your unknown potentials, and teach you how to add value to your organization without playing politics.

I’ll explain this to you, but before then…

We can both agree that multiple issues are facing young professionals today…

Do you say you agree?


The major issue, however, is that many people think highly of young professionals…

And want to believe there isn’t a problem they can’t surmount and overcome…

More often than not, the assumed omnipotence of young people is misguided.

Young Professionals Lack Many Things. The Good News Is, Smart Employers Know This

You lack experience…

You struggle to move forward in a consistent direction….

And you tend to be more narcissistic…

And many others.

I’m not trying to undermine your abilities or sell you short…

I’m simply stating facts…

And you don’t have to agree with me.

You may not be all of that.

And maybe your employer agrees with you.

The question you should answer is why you couldn’t admit that you are unaware of several topics which others expect you to already know.

I’ll deal with all of that in this piece, but before then, let me introduce myself.

My name is Adedayo Omotunde. I’m a business leader at a Fortune 500 telecommunications company and I’ve experience helping professionals reach their full potential.

In my years of dealing with people in the corporate world, I’ve come to realise that the most important thing you need to do is to…

Know Thyself

The importance of fully understanding who you are – your strengths and weaknesses- will help you take the right step at the right time.

I’ve also seen that the reason why most young professionals fail to meet up to expectations is that they haven’t discovered their true selves.

Yes, you perform your job well and meet even the strictest of deadlines,

But you fluff a lot and are not sure how to deliver value that gets appreciated by the management.

It is because of this issue that my team and I have decided to host a three-week-long training for professionals like you tagged:

Career Advancement Master Class

This training will teach you, first hand, how to understand your personality and how it affects your output.

You will also understand how to add value to your organization without having to fluff or play politics.

Think about all the good things that will come to you when you fully understand what you need to do to add value to your organization.

You can finally;

  • Excel in your job and get noticed by the top management…
  • Stop covering up your insecurity…
  • Stop creating the impression that you are super intelligent and making a fool of yourself.

This training will give you these and so much more…


Everything you need to succeed as a young professional in a workplace that asks so much of you is included in How to Take Control of & Advance Your Career in A Pandemic Economy training.

Simply enroll today and you will have access to proven strategies that span over 20 years of experience.

Get Free Access To An Exclusive Action-Packed Workbook

As I’ve shown you, the information you will receive in the Career Advancement Master Class will push your career growth forward beyond your imagination.

But please, don’t mistake what I’m saying here…

I won’t just give you the information in the training,

You will be joining a small and exclusive group of professionals and get to work with me directly throughout the training.

When you register today, you will have access to the training workbook.

You will be given assignments, graded, receive feedback and get all your questions answered.

So, not only will you have access to this one-of-a-kind training that will help you take control of and advance your career growth in a pandemic economy,

But you will also get your hands dirty with exercises that challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

All that is great, but there’s more…

  1. You’ll get Weekly Career Tips after the class. You’ll be exposed to how you can take initiative, be your own evaluator, communicate well and so much more.
  2. There are various ways you can give your career a needed boost. And with the Monthly Career Booster we will bring your way once you register for the class, you’ll have access to the professional boost you need without investing much time or money.
  3. An enhanced resume template helps organize your resume, helps make a great first impression and saves time. An Enhanced Resume Template is another thing you can expect form registering for the Career Advancement Master Class.
  4. Our Executive Profile Builder will help you write industry-accepted profile that portrays your career and gets you the desired attention. When you register for the Career Advancement Master Class, I’ll personally send the executive profile builder to you.

Amazing packages when you think about it…

But there’s more in store for you in Career Advancement Master Class…

Bonus #1: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide

LinkedIn is the ultimate tool for finding new qualified prospects and customers, developing and building professional relationships, enhancing professional skills and recruiting talent.

Your profile should be used as a marketing tool, working to attract a full spectrum of people to fulfil those various functions.

Ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized will contribute to better networking opportunities and encourage those outside of your network to reach out to you and find value in what you have to say.

The LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide will help you achieve exactly that with simple and easy to follow instructions.

BONUS #2: Invite-Only LinkedIn Group

Just before the end of the Career Advancement Master Class, we will create an exclusive invite-only LinkedIn group.

Regularly, we will discuss pertinent issues facing professionals in the workplace and how to overcome them in the group.

We will also answer questions from time to time when asked by anyone in the group.

When you register for the training today, you will be invited at no additional cost.

You will also fully understand the world of Intrapreneurs and also how to be an intrapreneur

And be indispensable in your organization.

You will read all about that in the next bonus I will send to you once you register.

It is called  Unleashing Intrapreneurs..

Something you will find interesting…

Bonus #3: Autographed Copy Of Unleashing Intrapreneurs

We recorded success when we published The Intrapreneur.

It is because of that and other issues we couldn’t discuss in the first part that made this second book necessary.

In there, you will get useful information on how to be proactive and gain the attention of top management while delivering value to your team.

You will get a signed copy of Unleashing Intrapreneurs at no additional cost when you register for Career Advancement Master Class today


Bonus #4: 2×30 Minutes Cohort Session

I’m sure you will agree that I’ve given you a fair deal thus far, but I’m being generous…

There’s one last thing coming your way.

Immediately after the training, a smaller group of participants will be engaged in a 2X30 minutes cohort session.

I’ll take the first session and my colleague, an experienced business consultant and associate professor at a renowned university in Canada will take the next.

In this cohort, we will share our experience with you and download all that we know in the corporate world.

This of course, at no extra charge. But reserved for a selected few.

Find out if you qualify HERE.

Here’s What To Do Now

Are you ready to take control of and advance your career growth in a pandemic economy?

Then, I urge you to register for Career Advancement Master Class training today.

This is your best shot at leading a fulfilling career.

Also, when you register for Career Advancement Master Class, you will get instant access to all FREE bonuses. Yours to keep no matter what.

There’s no waiting around.

Simply click the link below to get started…


Yours for Career Advancement Master Class,

Adedayo Omotunde

P.S. Because of the limited hands we have and the need to ensure the success of all participants, we can only take in a few number. So, once the expected number we are expecting is in, we will take this page down forever.

Don’ miss out on Career Advancement Master Class

Again, you will have access to these amazing bonuses;

  • Weekly career tips
  • Monthly career booster
  • Enhanced resume template
  • Executive profile builder
  • Training workbook
  • LinkedIn profile optimization guide
  • Invite-only LinkedIn group
  • Autographed copy of the book, The Intrapreneur
  • 2×30 Minutes Cohort Session


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