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Unleashing Intrapreneurs

The workforce has been described as the most valuable asset of any business. However, the world’s most remarkable companies go a step further beyond recognizing this: they deliberately attract people with certain disposition and then empower them to flourish. These people end up becoming the in-house entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs) who drive most successful companies forward.

From Google to Amazon, Tesla to Airbnb, intrapreneurs constantly challenge the status quo and help their organizations exploit new opportunities to serve their customers better–and more profitably.

This book Unleashing The Power of Intrapreneurs is an uncommon blueprint for building highly successful businesses in emerging economies by leveraging the factors of innovation, intrapreneurship, and empowering leadership.

It highlights how entrepreneurs can build purposeful businesses with sustained innovation from attracting entrepreneurial employees and creating an environment where they thrive.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Unleashing Intrapreneurs

  1. sanjay

    Read the book very engaging book about finding success as an entrepreneur in the work place. I love the use the local case studies we can relate to. I like the conversational writing style. kudos. Key points I picked out was having the right attitude, image and being professional. Also learning to sell your ideas. Well done’
    Bunmi Nwabueze, WorkForce and Diversity Specialist Central and West Africa. IBM

  2. sanjay

    This isn’t a ‘self-help’ book, it is a must-have! I am yet to find a book that so effectively deals with the challenges and potential of being an entrepreneur or surviving in the workplace…I challenge you to consume this piece and watch your career transform…for the better!
    Emem Ema, Chief Executive Officer, One Management

  3. sanjay

    Three apt chapters of pure wit, realism and innovative management theories presented in a refreshing way. Thoroughly impressed by the simplicity of the text, the ease of instruction addressing a wide range of practical concerns whilst keeping the reader engaged. The “imaginary pecking order” (IPO) will remain with me for a long time to come and a MUST read for all business professionals.
    Roti Balogun, Head, Learning and Development, Ericsson Sub Saharan Africa

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