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How a Mother with a Remote Job can Manage Her Kids’ Online Learning

Before going right into the conversation about a mother with a remote job, it’s already been established across

Before going right into the conversation about a mother with a remote job, it’s already been established across various media that the coronavirus pandemic affected professionals across the world. Even if you do not live in any other part of the world, your current work from home routine is proof of the changes the corporate world has had to make. 

However, beyond affecting your work life, it has also affected children and how they learn. Most schools have pivoted from their regular routines and are have now switched to online learning systems, with many of them conducting exams and finishing entire sessions on the internet.

If your child attends one of these schools, it might be a bit of a challenge adapting to the new normal. But, with the following tips, a mother with a remote job like yourself should be able to work around it:

1. Let go of your old standards

Nothing drags you back like maintaining the status quo and assuming that things will work out based on the old routine. It might not matter how much effort you put in or how much motivation you pump yourself with. As long as you’re functioning based on old schedules and habits, you might find yourself ineffective at assisting your kids. Why? Because things are much different now.

So, forget about your old routine and your old schedule. Those routines won’t do you much good and will likely even draw you back in more ways than one. Instead, focus on what’s ahead.

2. Set up a work area for you and your kids

While speaking about maintaining a work-life balance, we mentioned the need to have a work area. Well, it also applies here for the same reason. 

The only difference now is that you’re not doing it for yourself alone. You’re creating one for you and your kids. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You can set aside a table and a chair in a corner within their bedroom for them to read. For yourself, you can take the liberty of doing the same.

Ensure that you set strict rules regarding this work area. They aren’t allowed to play there such that it gets littered or disorganized. It isn’t their dining table, and they certainly mustn’t convert it to a napping area when they’re bored with their books. It’s for work, and it should be treated like so.

That way, you can get the most productivity from your kids.

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3. Create a schedule and stick to it

As an adult, a mother with a remote job like you has probably mastered the art of self-motivation because she understands the laws of actions and consequences. Your kids, however, might not even be close to that level of discipline. As such, they’ll not feel the need to read until it is too late to do so. 

So, create a schedule. Ensure that that schedule or routine caters to as many areas as possible. It should include time for online classes, personal studying, assignments, and everything else you can think of. 

Above all this, however, your schedule must include time for playing and family bonding. The reason is that your kids are still young. If you subject them to unending hours of work and study with no play in between, they’ll either stop learning or become miserable—neither of those work in anyone’s interest. So, balance work with play.

4. Work with your partner

Yes, you’re the mother. But, all things being equal, it is by no means your sole responsibility to take care of the kids alone. So, ensure that you carry your partner along. Split the responsibility as often as possible and make sure that you’re not doing it all by yourself. 

The danger in going alone is that you’ll likely suffer burnout. Being a mom is hard work. Being a mom and a career lady during a global pandemic is even more challenging. So, don’t try to do it alone for your sake and the kids.

5. Review, review, review! 

The pandemic has taught us the importance of exiting our comfort zones and adapting to situations beyond our control. Employ those lessons in your life and keep an ever-evolving mind. 

To do this, ensure that you review your patterns, routines, and schedules as often as possible. Look for loopholes and try to maximize productivity wherever you can. This will help ensure that you’re always on top of every situation.

In Conclusion 

Don’t forget to relax. While you’re planning and working and taking care of the kids, don’t forget to give yourself a little break every now and then. That’s our final piece of advice to you on the topic.

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