If you are reading this article on the different ways to accelerate your professional development, it is safe to say that you are no longer a newbie in the corporate terrain. The chances are that you have been there for some time now and are reading this article so that you can figure out your next step.

In the corporate landscape, it is commonplace to see some executives decide to take the low road in their professional development. They engage in office politics; play the role of the loyal pet to their superiors; and do exactly what is required of them, and no more. These individuals believe that they are entitled to better opportunities simply because they have been “good boys.”

The truth, as you may imagine, is that these methods are grossly ineffective. You really cannot get too far if you do not become more intentional about your growth and begin working towards it. In this piece, we will give you different ways you can take your career through the roof.

1. Ask for more work

We get it. You already feel choked as it is. This is especially so with the pandemic and all the struggles that come with being a worker in these times. While some might think that sitting in front of your laptop all day might be a walk in the park, we know better, and we understand that working from home during this pandemic isn’t so easy. If you don’t believe us, consider this news piece based on research from Stanford University. It affirms the existence of “Zoom fatigue” and why we get it.

Now, while you might feel like you already have enough on your plate, the chances are that your superiors only consider it the normal amount of work. So, if you genuinely want to accelerate your professional development, it might be best for you to start asking for more work. Not just any work, though. You should ask for more challenging work.

If you are worried that your current tasks will affect your productivity and your ability to deliver, the solution is simple – ditch them! Speak to your superiors about the possibility of delegating your current tasks. Better yet, speak about having them hold off on other regular tasks to give you more challenging work.

Doing so will show that you are proactive and capable of handling more tasks when you do get a promotion or something of that sort.

2. Gun for more

Now and then, companies send out adverts for vacant job positions that need to be filled. Hundreds and thousands of people often apply for these positions, some with excellent resumes. As you well know, many of them get rejected. So, what separates those who make the cut and the people given the boot? It lies in one’s ability to convince the hiring manager that they can do what they claim. However, these companies simply don’t have enough ways to confirm that the new hires are truly capable of doing what they promise.

That’s where you come in. If you are taking our advice and will be asking for more work; your company will already have a solid idea of your capabilities. In addition to that, you would be in the perfect position to fill the vacancy because you understand the intricacies of the company and can function perfectly without supervision.

With all that being the case, an excellent way for you to accelerate your professional development is to shoot for more. Whenever you see a job listing from your company, do not shy away simply because they didn’t ask you personally to apply for the vacancy. If there is no rule prohibiting your application, go for it and make conscious efforts to prove your abilities to them.

3. Lend a hand more often

Believe it or not, your relationship with your colleagues plays a significant role in your career advancement goals. So, instead of keeping to yourself all the time, lend a hand to your colleagues when work is assigned.

It could be as simple as helping them collate data from surveys. It could also be as tedious as helping them conduct the surveys in the first place. In all honesty, the more complex tasks you can help with, the better.

The benefit of doing this is that it shows you to be a team player. This quality is something that many employers and bosses look for. If you show them without provocation by helping colleagues where necessary and important, you’ll be getting yourself prepared for bigger opportunities.

Besides that, lending a hand puts you in the good books of multiple people in your place of work. This means you will have people rooting for you behind closed doors when you are not there.

Finally, ask a mentor. This is our final piece of advice for you on how to accelerate your professional development. The best thing to do is to get valuable advice from someone who knows the ropes and can help you develop yourself so intensely that you become a gem in the corporate world.

If you do not have a mentor, it is perfectly understandable. A close alternative you can and should explore is training that will be as impactful as it is result-oriented. As soon as you can get your hands on this, you’ll be glad that you did.


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Shared Vision

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Open Mindedness

Finally, your trained staff will help you constructively challenge the status quo and question all assumptions. They will return open to new ideas and changes in both strategic and tactical plans if need be.

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“Dogfood” Your Company’s Culture

The term “dogfood” was originally invented by Microsoft in advertising, and it means validating a claim through your own products. Essentially it is a quality control measure.

In our context, when you dogfood your company’s culture, you simply partake in your subordinates pain and look for ways to ease them. In essence, dogfooding is validating your subordinate’s complaints and taking steps for tabling such matter before the executive management.

The importance of this to your career and the growth of the company cannot be overemphasized.

When you show interest in your subordinates’ pain points, you would be increasing employee engagement. Employee engagement is a system that encourages interaction between employees and Management in a workplace.

Reports have shown that;

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  • Organizations with highly engaged employee achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees lag on engagement.
  • Organizations with a high level of engagement (65% or greater) continue to outperform the stock market index.

When you facilitate increased level of employee engagement in your team, it will demonstrate your competence, show your abilities to the Management, and position you for accolades.


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Dear professional, over the last couple of years, you’ve had the privilege of being a part of the labour force. In your bid to stand out in your workplace, you have proven your value and you have been able to contribute to profitability and productivity in more ways than your CV can allow you to explain.

As a matter of fact, if you were to begin listing your achievements one after the other and your journey of personal growth, the audience might grow weary from sitting too long. Unfortunately, all these apply to millions of other employees across the globe. Even at your workplace, there are several others who have similar stories, experiences, and track records to share.

With the sheer number of competition you have, it’s normal not to stand out in your workplace. After all, what is left to offer if everyone else can match your skill and productivity level?

If you have these feelings, it’s our responsibility to stop you right there. Indeed, it is a bit of a challenge breaking new ground. However, with the right steps, efforts, and decisions in place, you can stand out in your workplace. Below, we will show you how.

Be reliable

These two words, as simple as they are, go a ridiculously long distance in ensuring that you are leaps and bounds ahead of your colleagues at work. It demonstrates your commitment to your bosses at work; it also shows that you are the type of person capable of handling different tasks.

Now, depending on your current circumstances, you might be inclined to believe that being reliable means consistently executing high-end tasks repeatedly with impeccable precision and accuracy. Well, that has some truth in it. But it is the definition of perfection, and humans have not quite attained that yet.

Regardless, there are still some little things you can aim for that would not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg but would achieve the same result. They are maintaining high levels of punctuality for meetings, shifts, appointments, and everything else in between. Even if you’re going to be late or absent, inform the appropriate person well ahead of time.

Keeping to your word on tasks assigned or volunteered for. Bear in mind that attaining reliability with this tip means that you must never bite more than you can chew. Only set reasonable and achievable tasks for yourself.

Staying in control of that which is within your jurisdiction. This could be as simple as keeping your work area tidy and clean. It would show your superiors that you’re as organized as they need you to when the time comes to handle larger tasks.

Be proactive

You see, at work, there are two essential types of employees. The first takes orders, does what s/he is told, and then gives updates if the line supervisor requests it. The second sees a task that needs to be completed. S/he gets approval to do the task or solve the problem if consent is necessary. Then gives timely reports as required on as many occasions as is reasonable.

The second set of people are always seen in a much better light by their bosses. Becoming proactive would set you so far apart from everyone else at work who simply wants to “get it over with” and be on their way. It demonstrates your passion, resourcefulness, and willingness to help the company grow.

If you want to stand out in your workplace, proactivity isn’t a mere option for you. It is a necessity.

Be independent… but great at working with teams

At this point, you might be a tad confused as to which one works best in achieving your goal of standing out. The answer is both. There really is not much else to it.

You should be able to perform tasks without supervision. So much so that even when a supervisor is assigned, they would find themselves asking about projects that you have completed or are on your way to completing already.

However, if all you wanted was to work alone, perhaps being a freelancer of some sort might’ve suited you more than joining the corporate world. Because if you are at work with other professionals, you will need to function as a team member at different points in time.

The key? Flexibility. Even if you can handle it all on your own, give your team members the opportunity to take care of tasks assigned to them. Your seamless shift from one end of the line to the other will make you stand out in your workplace.

Understand and respect company hierarchy

If you are to succeed in the corporate world, you must understand that the world doesn’t start and end with you. You could be the next Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. But, as long as someone is still a significant number of steps ahead of you in the business, you need to be as respectful as possible. Only by doing so would you be able to stand out and climb the corporate ladder.

Now, as an alternative, you could go directly against all the advice we’ve just given here. You could simply choose to be a maverick, doing whatever you want whenever you want with no regard for authority. It’ll stand you out for several reasons, including the fact that there aren’t often too many rebels in many societies.

However, as fun and attention-grabbing as being a nonconformist is, it doesn’t always help you get ahead. You’ll stand out in your workplace, but you’ll do so for all the wrong reasons.

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Before going right into the conversation about a mother with a remote job, it’s already been established across various media that the coronavirus pandemic affected professionals across the world. Even if you do not live in any other part of the world, your current work from home routine is proof of the changes the corporate world has had to make. 

However, beyond affecting your work life, it has also affected children and how they learn. Most schools have pivoted from their regular routines and are have now switched to online learning systems, with many of them conducting exams and finishing entire sessions on the internet.

If your child attends one of these schools, it might be a bit of a challenge adapting to the new normal. But, with the following tips, a mother with a remote job like yourself should be able to work around it:

1. Let go of your old standards

Nothing drags you back like maintaining the status quo and assuming that things will work out based on the old routine. It might not matter how much effort you put in or how much motivation you pump yourself with. As long as you’re functioning based on old schedules and habits, you might find yourself ineffective at assisting your kids. Why? Because things are much different now.

So, forget about your old routine and your old schedule. Those routines won’t do you much good and will likely even draw you back in more ways than one. Instead, focus on what’s ahead.

2. Set up a work area for you and your kids

While speaking about maintaining a work-life balance, we mentioned the need to have a work area. Well, it also applies here for the same reason. 

The only difference now is that you’re not doing it for yourself alone. You’re creating one for you and your kids. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You can set aside a table and a chair in a corner within their bedroom for them to read. For yourself, you can take the liberty of doing the same.

Ensure that you set strict rules regarding this work area. They aren’t allowed to play there such that it gets littered or disorganized. It isn’t their dining table, and they certainly mustn’t convert it to a napping area when they’re bored with their books. It’s for work, and it should be treated like so.

That way, you can get the most productivity from your kids.

See Also: How to Stand Out in Your Workplace

3. Create a schedule and stick to it

As an adult, a mother with a remote job like you has probably mastered the art of self-motivation because she understands the laws of actions and consequences. Your kids, however, might not even be close to that level of discipline. As such, they’ll not feel the need to read until it is too late to do so. 

So, create a schedule. Ensure that that schedule or routine caters to as many areas as possible. It should include time for online classes, personal studying, assignments, and everything else you can think of. 

Above all this, however, your schedule must include time for playing and family bonding. The reason is that your kids are still young. If you subject them to unending hours of work and study with no play in between, they’ll either stop learning or become miserable—neither of those work in anyone’s interest. So, balance work with play.

4. Work with your partner

Yes, you’re the mother. But, all things being equal, it is by no means your sole responsibility to take care of the kids alone. So, ensure that you carry your partner along. Split the responsibility as often as possible and make sure that you’re not doing it all by yourself. 

The danger in going alone is that you’ll likely suffer burnout. Being a mom is hard work. Being a mom and a career lady during a global pandemic is even more challenging. So, don’t try to do it alone for your sake and the kids.

5. Review, review, review! 

The pandemic has taught us the importance of exiting our comfort zones and adapting to situations beyond our control. Employ those lessons in your life and keep an ever-evolving mind. 

To do this, ensure that you review your patterns, routines, and schedules as often as possible. Look for loopholes and try to maximize productivity wherever you can. This will help ensure that you’re always on top of every situation.

In Conclusion 

Don’t forget to relax. While you’re planning and working and taking care of the kids, don’t forget to give yourself a little break every now and then. That’s our final piece of advice to you on the topic.

As a business person or an employee, the chances are that you’ve seen your fair share of office politics. This peculiar phenomenon can come in different forms. The reasons people engage in it range from the hope of using it to attain higher positions or simply the need to flex more professional muscles over their colleagues in a series of power plays.

In certain situations and by some strange stroke of luck, these politics might work. They could get you that promotion. They could help you become your boss’s or coworkers’ object of admiration. But, more often than not, they work at the expense of someone else or some other people. This places a question mark on whether these office politics are correct or not.

Besides, this is only one end of the stick. There are also several situations where office politics might not be the best idea to engage in, especially when you’re looking to make advancements in your career. If you have doubts, you should keep reading as we explore the counterproductive effects of office politics.

1. “Us” Versus “Them.”

If you’ve ever engaged in office politics before, the chances are that you want to get to higher positions in your career and within the office. We wouldn’t be so bold as to directly point to what you may or may not have done. However, we’ll take a wild guess and say that at different points in time, you might’ve tried to put yourself ahead of someone else in some strange form of office competition.

If this is the case, you cannot deny that it caused a rift between you and the other party. This is one of the significant downsides of office politics. It creates a division between you and the people you’re playing against. In the end, you’ll hardly be able to function with them appropriately. Getting assigned a task with them on your team would be the equivalent of putting oil in water.

When that happens, you’ll ultimately become significantly less productive and efficient at your job. This avoidable inefficiency caused by office politics becomes counterproductive in your efforts at climbing the career ladder.

2. Karma

More often than not, people at different workplaces want to be left alone to do their jobs and go back home quietly. Strange as it might sound, some aren’t particularly happy about their career or its trajectory. As such, they do not need any drama that comes with being at that place of work. So, they often mind their business go about their day steadily, hardly ever bothering anyone.

However, some of these types of people can quickly switch and become more manipulative/aggressive when it becomes evident that they’ve become the object of your office politics. Immediately they sense that you’re working against them in one way or the other, they too will begin looking for ways to get back at you. Sometimes, you might not suffer any consequences. But, other times, you would’ve met your match in these people, and they won’t stop until they’ve done more damage to you and your reputation than you could’ve done to theirs.

It’s simply a case of getting a taste of your own medicine. When that happens, you could lose everything from your chances at a promotion to the opportunity to impress your boss. This is one of the most prominent counterproductive effects of office politics, and you need to be especially aware of it.

3. Corruption

The English historian, Lord Acton, once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We won’t pretend that office politics won’t get you anywhere. No, that’ll be self-deceit.

If you play your cards right, your office politics might get you just what you want. It’s only natural, and sometimes, the more questionable your schemes, the more likely they are to put you in your superior’s good books. But, when you get that power, there’s a considerable chance that it would get to your head.

You see, you might tell yourself now that you’re not that type of person. You might say that you’re not the type of man or woman who would begin to act or look down on others simply because of your position. However, many people say that just because they haven’t gotten to that position yet.

Power gotten through questionable means often corrupts, and if you get yours through shady office politics with very little sense of responsibility, you might fall victim to the same fate. In the end, the people you were meant to lead in the first place might become opposed to being led by you. You’d have a plethora of dissatisfied subordinates, and that’s never good for business.

All in all, you might have shot yourself in the leg.

The Alternative to Office Politics

Like we mentioned earlier, many people engage in office politics to get one or two rungs higher on the career ladder. The goal/motive is understandable, but the method is as inefficient as it is questionable. So, what do you do instead?

Put in the work. When the time arrives to solve tasks at work, do it with as much zest and passion as you can mutter. Your work will speak for you without you necessarily trying to pull down anyone else. But there’s only so much that pure grit can get you. So, when you feel a little stuck or a tad demotivated, consider getting a mentor. This person would act as your anchor. They’ll have gone ahead of you in their career and can show you the different areas you can improve yourself.

In that regard, our best recommendation at the moment is the Pervium Career Advancement Masterclass.