Read the book very engaging book about finding success as an entrepreneur in the work place. I love the use the local case studies we can relate to. I like the conversational writing style.  kudos. Key points I picked out was having the right attitude, image and being professional. Also learning to sell your ideas. Well done’

Bunmi Nwabueze, WorkForce and Diversity Specialist Central and West Africa. IBM

This isn’t a ‘self-help’ book, it is a must-have!  I am yet to find a book that so effectively deals with the challenges and potential of being an entrepreneur or surviving in the workplace…I challenge you to consume this piece and watch your career transform…for the better!

Emem Ema, Chief Executive Officer. One Management

Three apt chapters of pure wit,  realism and innovative management theories presented in a refreshing way. Thoroughly impressed by the simplicity of the text,  the ease of instruction addressing a wide range of practical concerns whilst keeping the reader engaged. The “imaginary pecking order” (IPO) will remain with me for a long time to come and a MUST read for all business professionals.

Roti Balogun, Head, Learning and Development, Ericsson Sub Saharan Africa

The Intrapreneur Book

The book shows you the ‘Hows’ of pursuing your purpose of creativity and innovation as an employee within the confines of a large structured organization therefore satisfying your entrepreneurial itch while at the same time prepping you for a future as an entrepreneur if that remains your ultimate goal. In easily readable language, the book explains success principles and strategic business models making it relatable even to the Non-MBA while using real live examples of local entrepreneurs to role model these concepts.

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