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Career Advancement Master Class (ELITE)


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  • Access to Live Training
  •  Training Workbook
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide
  • Access to invite-only LinkedIn Group
  • Weekly Career Tips
  • Monthly Career Booster
  • Enhanced Resume Template
  • Executive Profile Builder

2 reviews for Career Advancement Master Class (ELITE)

  1. sanjay

    This course offers a rare, powerful blend of insights and tools to help you attain the heights of your career. And it’s not just head knowledge you’re going to forget in a hurry, you will be equipped with insights and resources you can begin to work with by the next day at the office. You come away with your customized master plan–intrapreneurial knowledge, strategy and tactics–to take you from where you are to where you want to be. If you are determined to make a mark at work this year, this is the one course you will be happy you took.
    Wumi Olatunji

  2. sanjay

    If you’re energetic, passionate about success and full of new ideas but you love the structure that working a 9-5 employment gives, then this training is for you. Dayo demonstrates a deep understanding of intrapreneurship and has broken down the course into easily relatable and understandable bits. After the training, you’re guaranteed to become an even more valuable asset to your company and you’re better positioned to make that progress you yearn for.
    Olumuyiwa Adejuwon

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