Corporate Governance

As organizations look to grow by entering new markets or protecting their existing interests, mergers and acquisitions, along with alliances, become important strategic tools. Pervium provides services to help companies pursue their growth strategies—with full awareness of potential risk and benefit—while allowing the organization to concentrate on its day-to-day business.

Specific Services


Change Management

Change is nothing new, but the pace and enormity of change that business and governments are facing today can make it difficult to keep everyone and everything moving ahead together. Pervium Consulting helps organizations—and their people—adjust to change, whether it is a technology system that requires training, processes that need integrating into existing work habits, or a strategic direction that depends on the understanding and support of stakeholders.

Specific Services

The scope of our change management offerings covers the entire lifecycle of a change program:

  • Journey Management. We help our clients define a future state, develop a road map to get there, establish a plan to achieve the desired business value, and manage progress along the way.
  • Change Enablement. Our services cover managing organizational change, enabling system and process change, and transitioning the new sourcing models.
  • Organization Change Capability. We help put in the competencies, leadership, structures and metrics that make our clients more change-capable.

Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental consulting is a form of compliance consulting. Through our environmental consulting services, we help our clients maintain an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.

Specific Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Environmental Monitoring Services (EMS).
  • Environmental Evaluation Reports (EER).
  • Post Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Environmental Audits.
  • Health and Safety audits.
  • Environmental Project Management.
  • Pollution Control Studies.
  • Bio-Remediation/Rehabilitation of Spilled Sites.
  • Solid Waste Management/Sewage Treatment.
  • Health, Safety, Environment Training.
  • Environment and Safety based Trainings.


For most companies, innovation is the key to driving growth, value for shareholders, and competitive advantage in today’s global economy. At Pervium Consulting, we help clients confront and overcome a number of challenges including:

  • How to improve the financial returns from current activities
  • How the company builds and sustains an innovative culture
  • What does it mean to be an effective innovation leader
  • How to measure innovation
  • How to modernize our business model

Information Technology

Pervium Consulting empowers organizations to turn information into action by driving technology-enabled business insights.

Specific Services

  • IT Strategy. We help clients leverage IT in their business-planning and innovation efforts and develop strategic IT architectures and road maps.
  • IT Transformation. We help clients use IT to transform their value propositions, organizations, operations, and financial results.
  • IT Sourcing. We develop overall IT and business-process sourcing strategies and help clients select, make agreements with, and manage outsourcing and offshore units more effectively.
  • IT Organization. We help clients define the role and mission of their IT organization, design more effective organization structures, improve governance, and identify new people-and talent management practices. We also help new corporate leaders set agendas.
  • IT Performance. We partner with clients to delineate key IT-performance objectives and metrics and improve IT efficiency and effectiveness.
  • IT Capability Maturity Framework. We utilize this framework to evaluate the full scope of IT’s activities—both strategically and from a business-value-added perspective—and help clients optimize their IT function.


Strategy matters. The success of any enterprise depends on knowing what business you are in (or should be in), understanding the current and future sources of advantage in that business, and capturing and maintaining an unassailable advantage.

Pervium Consulting helps executives carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select the strategic direction with the strongest stakeholder value potential.

Specific Services

  • Vision and Mission. Identifying and defining the organization’s mission, as well as a shared vision of the future, to inform strategy and guide actions.

  • Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management. Assessing the corporate portfolio of business units and developing strategies to maximize advantage, growth, and value creation.

  • Business Unit Strategy. Defining the path to sustainable advantage for a specific business unit.

  • Strategic Planning. Fine-tuning, supplementing, or entirely redesigning planning approaches for greater effectiveness and agility and tighter linkages with business and financial plans.

  • Future of Strategy. Applying new lenses, tools, and frameworks from the emerging frontiers of strategy to help clients enhance their advantage today.

  • Strategic Life Planning. Applying strategy frameworks to help individuals realize their life mission and to guide them towards fulfilling it.